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Candles can be used to soften an atmosphere as a romantic setting or be the solution to an unexpected night in the dark when an electrical outage strikes. Whatever your need for candle holders, we've got your solution. We sell wholesale to suppliers and stores all across Australia.

What to Consider When Buying Candle Holders

Thinking about what your customers will use the candle holders for is important before buying. Go through your selection of candles to ensure that you know which ones you want to stock.

  • Ensure that the holder matches the size of the candle it's supposed to hold. Noting measurements of your stock of candles will enable you to shop practically and display different sets.
  • Factor in themes and interior design you'd like to portray in your store: also, the colours of your logo or brand can be reflected in the ranges that you stock.
  • Selling a holder that topples over is not safe or wise. The weight of the holder is important to guarantee the holder with the candle doesn't topple over.

Different Types For Different Moods

Creating an inviting, comfortable feeling for customer as they enter the store. Here's some guidelines, we encourage you to find your own style.

  • Wood holders match beautifully with earth tones, oranges and greens. This creates a grounding spirit and can be adjusted by playing with hues of orange, green, browns and yellows.
  • Classic designed holders are best suited with candle in elegant shades of golds, white or red -- for a signature statement.
  • Glass holders, can be paired with brighter colours like pinks, purples and deeper shades of red and blue to make a great window display.

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