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What You Can Expect from Australian Wholesale Oils

As an Australian wholesaler of essential oils, we provide a reliable and consistent source for your store. We stock essential oils from popular brands such as Goloka, HEM and Song of India. Essential oils and blends are top-rated since they help to make customers relax. We bring you an easy solution to finding quality essential oils in bulk.

What to Consider When Buying Essential Oils From a Wholesaler

We have found that many stores benefit from buying essential oils in bulk. Since the popularity of the oils and blends has grown so vastly, it only makes sense to have various stock and options available.

  • Before selecting your essential oils, do some research. Knowing what the oils are and what benefits they hole will help you in the long run. In addition, you will be able to calculate which oils to stock more of and which are the slow sellers.
  • Always consider which wholesaler will give the best prices. At Wonder Import, you will receive free shipping on orders above a certain amount, and we do not skim on the quality of the products. We offer competitive prices and remain the best source of wholesale essential oils.
  • Some essential oils work wonders when blended. Knowing this, we have included the blends of certain brands in our store. This option provides extra convenience and an all-in-one product for your customers. In addition, you can get blends such as allergy relief, citrus fresh and combat anger.

To add to your essential oil range, you can supply your customers with various diffusers and oil burners. These options will help distribute the aromatherapy effect and benefit those who have allergic reactions to direct contact with the oils.

Top Three Wholesale Essential Oils

We know the main essential oils that all people are curious about from our range of brands.

  • Lavender is incredibly popular for its assistance with relaxation and sleep. Some studies promote this idea, and other studies debunk it. Our lavender oil supplies are 100% pure essential oil.
  • A popular oil that promotes freshness and energy is eucalyptus oil. This oil has a fresh, sweet smell with a floral fragrance. The HEM essential brand is the best-selling option.
  • There are many claims regarding peppermint oil, one being the strength of the oil helping with blocked chests. However, for a softer oil required for the elderly or children, we recommend a spearmint flavour. This oil comes with the benefits of peppermint oil, but its smell is not as intense.

You can't go wrong with a complete blend display. The SOI Essential Oil Blend offers all the oil blends necessary to intrigue your clients. It's the best way to tap into the many benefits that essential oils have to offer.

Why Trust Wonder Imports Regarding Australian Wholesale Essential Oils

At Wonder Imports, we supply products such as incense, New Age Products, Metaphysical Crystals and tobacconist supplies to the whole of Australia. We are the largest provider to retailers and distributors and offer the best quality products at competitive prices.

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