Rune Stones

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If you're looking for a truly unique addition to your store's inventory, look no further than runestones. Their curious origins and believed possible benefits make it easy to understand why they have increased in popularity throughout the years and how it's an asset to keep in stock.

Some Fun Facts About These Historical Stones

From remarkably early origins to possible divine powers and healing properties, runes are well-loved and utilised worldwide. Here are some interesting facts that help us better understand why they're so sought-after and should be a store staple:

  • The origins of these stones date to the Viking Age, where they depict various forms of Germanic language through a set of letters, generally 24 letters. The Einang stone is believed to be the earliest rune discovered in north-western Europe, located in Oppland, Norway.
  • Runes are not only an ancient way to communicate, though. For as long as they were around, they were believed to contain mystical powers, which included protection against any bad luck or misfortune and were even said to predict the future.
  • In today's world, runes are used on a more spiritual level as opposed to communication purposes. Connection to a higher self, tapping into intuition, and personal guidance are all seen as the benefits of these stones and are believed to work similarly to tarot cards in that aspect.

From their ancient origins to interesting beliefs surrounding them, it's no wonder runes are widely sought after by holistic enthusiasts and store owners.

About Wonder Imports

Wonder Imports offers runes made out of different stones to suit what you're looking for in terms of preferences.