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When you think of incense, you most likely think of long, thin sticks resting on artistically made incense holders, wafting a fragrant stream of smoke from their burning tips. However, incense cones are another popular form of incense and one with their own advantages that many customers prefer:

  • Longer burning time;
  • No special equipment is needed (such as a holder);
  • A different shape that many individuals find more aesthetically pleasing.

We stock a range of incense cones in tempting scents, such as White Sage, Coconut, and Sandalwood.

What You Can Expect from Wonder Imports

We proudly focus on providing retailers, distributors, and wholesalers with a wide range of New Age products. Some of our offerings include:

  • Incense. We are the largest incense importer in Australia, stocking a wide array of products, from incense cones to coils, holders, resins, smudge sticks, and much more.
  • Crystals. Offer your customers a choice of crystal products to choose from, including jewellery, pyramids, eggs, lamps, pendulums, rune stones, wands, and spheres.
  • Homewares. We provide many unique and beautiful homewares for shoppers who wish to maintain a connection to the natural world, including aluminium and wooden bowls, wall hangings, planters, and book holders.
  • Silver jewellery. Find a wide range of silver jewellery, from bold black obsidian cross earrings to amethyst pentacle pendants to stunning rainbow moonstone lotus rings.

We have a large selection of handcrafted items for sale to our valued distributors and retailers. We are a locally-owned and -operated family business, and it shows in our customer service. We also offer free shipping throughout Australia on orders over AUS$500. Your customers will be thrilled when they see your new products from Wonder Imports.