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Choose between the Green Man, Tree of Life, Triquetra, and Pentacle prints in different colours on our altar tables.

  • The Green Man is a mythological being or worldwide pagan deity representing the cycle of life, death and rebirth throughout the ages. Connected with lush vegetation, he symbolises the renewal brought about by the spring that follows winter.
  • The Tree of Life's branches grows up to the sky as it strengthens. It signifies individual beauty, uniqueness, and personal growth, implying that we grow stronger as we strive for depth of knowledge, wisdom and experience while travelling life's path.

According to Christian beliefs, those who ask for forgiveness of their sins can access the tree of eternal life.

Altar Tables Lore

The three-cornered trinity knot or triquetra - composed of three interlaced, never-ending, unbroken arcs - symbolises everlasting life, protection, and unity.

  • It was used to honour and symbolise the neo-pagan triple goddess - the maiden, mother and crone - and signifies the three life cycles of a woman related to the moon phases. It became a symbol for the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit in more recent times.
  • The Pentacle or pentagram is a five-pointed star polygon upon a disk. A polygon is a flat, two-dimensional shape with straight sides that join and symbolises the earth element in neo-pagan beliefs. They use it in magical evocation.

The ancient Greeks and Babylonians used pentagrams metaphorically, and Christians regularly utilised them to represent the five wounds of Jesus.