Tumble Stones

The market for crystal chips is evolving and changing. These precious stones are no longer linked with only spells and crystal balls. Functionality and the purpose of owning these rare chips are changing with the seasons. These beauties show up in art in all its forms. Show your consumers their options are unlimited.

Common Mistakes Consumers Make Regarding Crystal Chips

These once edgy natural rocks went through a bit of a tumble to become your perfectly polished and unevenly shaped tumble stones. Just as the word suggests, these natural mineral rocks spend some time in a rock tumbler until the roughness has quite literally been shaken off. Every tumble stone is unique, just as mother nature had intended.

Getting More Value Out of Tumble Stones

Consumers are creative beyond measure and pointing out some of these crafty ways of using tumble stones, will have them flying off your shelves in no time.

  • Jewellery. Designing creative jewellery can be truly rewarding as a full-time profession or a hobby; with these beautiful stones, your customers can create jewellery for any occasion.
  • Decoration. Centrepieces for the dining room table can be breathtaking yet straightforward and classy by filling a vase with water, gorgeous tumble stones, and voila! One of a kind d├ęcor.
  • Game pieces. Yes, indeed. Consumers often play games on family game night or with friends to find "movers" missing from the set. Tumble stones can stand in as substitutes for those missing pieces.

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