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Get in touch with our crystals wholesaler if you want to supply a beautiful range of semi-precious gemstone products such as jewellery, palm stones, prayer beads, massagers, chips, and more.

Wholesale Crystals Trends You Should Know

People have been fascinated with crystals for thousands of years. Crystals have inspired writers, poets, healers, societies, and cultures in many ways. The appeal currently continues in wellness and fashion trends.

  • The relationship people have had with transparent but hazy crystals through the centuries persists as stores worldwide sell metaphysical crystals that refract and emit light.
  • In the 12th and 13th centuries, troubadours used crystal imagery to describe the worthiness and beauty of the main character's love interest and diverse aspects of erotic desire in their lyrics.
  • In the Middle Ages - the 5th to the late 15th centuries - writers regarded the stones as the quintessence of perfection, faith and purity. Poets used them to appraise desire and the uncertainty and ambiguity of love, which they regarded as similar to looking through a transparent but cloudy crystal, unsure of what you see.
  • Churches decorated valuable religious items such as Gospel books with crystals, as they symbolised the light of the heavens and indicated transcendence.
  • Twentieth-century writers continued being inspired by crystals, while architects designed transparent skyscrapers and dreamt of idyllic cities made of glass. Today, people buy them for the energy, magical and healing powers they ascribe to them.

People have always needed physical objects that embody spirituality. Crystals are still popular as meditative and healing instruments for this reason.

What Sets Us Apart Regarding Wholesale Crystals in Australia?

Our Australian-owned and operated company supplies New Age products such as metaphysical crystals, incense and burners. We also offer tobacconist supplies, homewares, textiles, and aromatherapy merchandise.

  • Our crystal range includes candle holders, pendulums, healing wands, tumble stones and orgonite. Together with Wilhelm Reich, many believe that nature is a vital energy source and that orgonite transmutes energy substantially and efficiently. It is said to draw in negative life energy and transform it into positive. It is analogous to what the ancients called chi, universal energy or prana.
  • Your customers may be interested in ordering our morganite orgone nuggets bracelet to supply consumers who trust that it will neutralise the harmful effects electromagnetic waves cause in their bodies.
  • We have developed our unique range of New Age products specifically for alternative shops. We offer white sage smudge bowls, dream catchers, cauldrons, tarot boxes, altar cloths, and much more.

We also offer stunning smokey plus clear quartz crystal cage lamps, altar tables, brass bells, and book holders wholesalers and retailers will trade effortlessly.

Why Trust Wonder Import as Your Crystals Supplier

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