Incense has been growing in popularity among people from all persuasions. They are no longer only the coveted domain of the spiritually curious or those who favour Eastern philosophies and practices. As a stockist of alternate lifestyle, home and healthcare products, incense coils and sticks are a perfect addition to your product range.

How to Use Incense Coils

Incense coils are easy to use. Two coils typically come packaged securely nested in between each other, with one coil holder -- the burner.

  • Remove flat incense burner from plastic packaging. Push the centre of the incense burner up so that the middle stands upright and place it on a flame-proof surface.
  • Gently squeeze around the coil and push along the ridges to separate them. Place one of the separated coils securely on the tip of the burner.
  • Light the tip furthest away from the centre to enjoy the heady perfume for up to four hours.

Benefits of Burning Incense

These long-lasting fragrant products are elegantly shaped and aesthetically appealing.

  • They have varying burning times -- anything between thirty minutes and four hours.
  • You will find different shapes and sizes that will transform the coil into something resembling a piece of art once placed and ready for use.
  • The coils are similar to their more popular variants -- incense sticks and incense cones.

The Perfect Addition to Your Product Range

Incense coils are made from natural raw materials, for example, tree roots, bark, flowers, seeds and resin. Your customers will be delighted with the variety available and are sure to return for repeat orders.