Fragrant Oils

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Bring the benefits of fragrant oils into your store to give your customers more aromatherapy options all in one oil instead of buying different essential oils that have the same benefits.

The Uses of Fragrant Oils

Here are some valuable tips that you can pass onto your customers to get them to buy fragrant oils from your shop:

  • If they make their own soaps or candles, fragrant oils are perfect for adding a light aroma to the product that can lift one's mood or make a room smell pleasant.
  • Add a bit of fragrant oil to your massage oil or lotion for an aromatherapy massage that your partner will enjoy that much more.
  • A bit of fragrant oil added to some salt and water makes for a delightful room spray.

Stock Up on New Age Goods

New Age goods is quite a niche market, but you are sure to have a group of loyal customers if you provide them with all they need. Here is what we can offer you to enhance your product list:

  • Altar tables usually have a special spot in the room and are used for sacred rituals. We have mandala and pentagram tables as well as the tree of life and ying-yang.
  • We stock good quality cauldrons to host the best potions. We have tripod cast iron cauldrons or flat bottomed ones with handles for easier handling.
  • Our boxes can be used as jewellery or tarot boxes to keep precious goods and cards safe from damage and bad energy.

We have all you need to keep your niche market happy with consumables and ritualistic products that will make their spiritual experience so much more intense. All customers will find something they need in your shop, from beginners to advanced, if you stock up with us.