Singing Bowls

Singing bowls are ideally suited for stores with a wide variety of customers, from alternative to curious clients. These bowls come in various sizes and materials, from wood to aluminium, crystal and brass. Each material has its unique sound and vibration. Paired with singing bowls are cushions to ensure the safety of your bowl and the mallet or striker to strike the bowl to produce a sound.

Why You Should Stock Wonder Imports Products

Our New Age Range includes a plethora of alternative style products. From cauldrons to capes to rings and even tarot decks. Since 2014 we focus on supplying a variety of products to retailers, wholesalers and distributors. Our main aim being incense, crystals, tobacco and New Age products.

  • Brass bowls are incredibly rigid and offer incredible durability during the striking process. In addition, they are less fragile and come in beautiful designs. Our Hammered Brass Bowl also comes with a wooden striker.
  • Crystal singing bowls are some of the more fragile options; however, their beauty is what people are after. We have supplied three distinctive designs, including the Ying Yang, Om, and The Flower of Life. These bowls come with a carry bag without the striker. However, we recommend pairing it with the glass with a rubber striker to avoid breaking the bowl.
  • The cushion on which the bowl rests is for the aesthetics and safety of the bowl. When striking the bowl, the movement can cause it to vibrate off a table and break, and the cushion stops that from happening. Our cushions include velvet or satin materials for preference, along with assorted designs such as Lotus Embroided and Pentacle Embroided.