Once the everyman's drinking vessel, made from clay, wood, metal, glass or crystal, the goblet or chalice has a long and surprisingly diverse history. Associated with high religious ceremony, noble gallantry, bawdy carousing, fictitious Romanian counts, real Papal murders and even peaceful Rastafarian unity, goblets have come to enjoy both a sacred symbolism and an often dark reputation.

The Enduring Versatility of Goblets

A symbol of myth and legend; conveying water, wine and beer to some, blood and poison to others, goblets continue to inspire.

Stocking your shelves or stand with items from our range will draw serious Aquarians and more casual users alike. To place your order, select from the following:

  • A choice of metals: Our collection includes brass, silver and nickel goblets.
  • Plain or adorned: Our range offers plain and engraved products, featuring delicate Eastern Om, pentacle, raven and goddess etchings, Celtic triple moon, triquetra and cross designs.
  • A selection of sizes: Size varies with design, including five by 12 centimetres, seven-point five by 13 centimetres and 17 centimetres.Your customers will love our imported chalices, whatever the purpose. Please also view our selection of attractive display options to showcase your collection efficiently.

About Wonder Imports

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