Japanese Incense

The word 'incense' brings to mind fragrance, tranquillity and harmony. Incense is usually made from natural materials such as bark from trees, fragrant leaves or herbs that release a fragrance when burned. Wonder Imports is well stocked with Japanese incense, and with an online ordering system, you can make these items easily accessible to your client base.

Types of Japanese Incense

There are two main types and a third less-used option.

  • Heating incense -- the material is heated from below, either with hot charcoal or a candle. The light smoke is almost invisible, but the effect can be just as potent.
  • Burning incense -- the aromatic natural substance is directly burned to release the bouquet. The smoke released is more intense and can cover a wider area.
  • A third option is to inhale the incense in its raw form without needing to light it.

Uses of Incense

People burn incense for many reasons:

  • It is used in religious ceremonies.
  • Meditation and relaxation. The sense of smell is a powerful stimulant and can trigger the brain to recall a memory or mental state to allow for deeper internalisation.
  • Fumigation and cleansing. Certain smells repel insects, so this is a humane way of ridding your home of bugs.

Making Japanese Incense Accessible to Your Clients

People have cultivated the habit of burning incense for hundreds of years. While originating in the East, the practice has been adopted globally. Your clients will thank you for introducing them to these products from Wonder Imports and will be sure to be back for follow-up orders.