Make a Unique and Fashion-Forward Statement with Our Crystal Jewellery

Crystal jewellery has always had a market among gemstone energy and healing proponents and followers of various Eastern religions and philosophies. Intriguing and beautiful, crystals as necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rocks, or delicate polished pieces are equally desirable as everyday adornments and home d├ęcor among the general public.

What You Should Know About the Popularity of Crystal Jewellery in 2021

For wholesalers, retailers and distributors, crystals and crystal products offer an increasingly attractive avenue for trade and sales. Here's why:

  • A glamorous trend: Globally, premium brands and celebrities embrace crystals this season, whether worn as jewellery, part of designer wear, added to make-up or for comfort and healing. From Lady Gaga to Victoria Beckham and Paco Rabanne to Vogue, trendsetters and influencers who want to stand out, calm down or add flair to runways are all choosing these ancient, earthy yet inspiringly stylish gems.
  • A growing gift to traders: Unlike many other product categories that suffered during the coronavirus pandemic's lockdowns and uncertainties, jewellery sales jumped by 20 percent year-on-year towards the end of 2020, in terms of both spend volume and value.
  • Stones that sell: Two of the most desired crystals are rose quartz and amethyst. Rose quartz is not only glowingly lovely in appearance but offers the wearer the beautiful vibrations of unconditional love. Amethyst is equally exquisite, dramatic and bold, yielding the wearer powerful psychic protection. So, whether in a crystal pendant worn close to the heart, as a diagnosing or guiding crystal pendulum or in free form to decorate and raise vibrations in the home or workplace, your customer wants and needs these sacred semi-precious stones.

Whether for gifting, personal enjoyment or investment purposes, necklaces, earrings and bracelets, especially those incorporating gems, served to lift consumer spirits and buoy retail revenue. So, now is the time to order and stock these coveted items to consumers who need to look beautiful and feel close to and protected by our beautiful planet's most meaningful and generous treasures.

What Sets Us Apart Regarding Crystal Stone, Crystal Necklace and Crystal Lamp Supply

As the country's largest supplier of globally sourced new age arts, jewellery and accessories, we offer premium products and services to our trade customers, including:

  • A wide selection of crystal products: Carvings such as angels, eggs and hearts, roughs and chips, free shapes and palm stones, lamps, gem trees, jewellery and pendulums, runes, grids, prayer mala and metaphysical crystals including pyramids and wands.
  • Competitive prices: Our collection of crystal necklaces, earrings and bracelets and metaphysical crystal products is growing all the time, helping us to keep our prices low and range well-stocked, so you never have to wait for or miss out on an order and allowing leeway for good margins.
  • Convenience: Our range also includes attractive table, shelf and hanging display options for jewellery, incense, stones, aromatherapy, dreamcatchers or otherwise, so browse our selection to add practical appeal to your store or stand. We ship nationwide with free delivery on all orders of AUS$500 or more, and with convenient card payment options, there's no need to wait to top up your stock.

About Wonder Imports

We provide Australia's wholesalers, retailers and distributors with high-quality imported Eastern products in response to increasing demand for alternative, New Age products.

Our carefully sourced collection includes crystals and crystal products, incense cones and rods, aromatherapy oils and related products, textile items such as shawls, curtains, cushion covers, mats, bags and clothes. In addition, we stock New Age accessories, including bells, cymbals, goblets, candle holders and altar tables, and homeware such as book and plant holders, wooden stands and bowls. We also provide tobacconist supplies include hookah pipes and tobacco grinders.

Our unique, hand-made pieces will add gemstone charm, New Age gold and Aquarian gravitas to your collection. Please place your order online today or contact us for more information.