Cast Iron Cauldron

A cast-iron cauldron is famous for its heat retention and its incredible durability. When properly seasoned, cauldrons have a non-stick surface which is beneficial for cooking, brewing, and burning incense coals.

The cast-iron cauldron is part of our New Age Range of unique products for alternative stores. The entire range includes various altars, cloths, tarot cards, dream catchers, smudge bowls and more. The New Age Range pairs perfectly with the Metaphysical range, including crystals, healing wands, jewellery, pendulums, tumble stones, and candle holders.

Why Trust Wonder Imports Regarding Cauldrons

Since 2014, Wonder Imports supply a variety of products to retailers, wholesalers and distributors. Our focus lies on the providing of incense, New Age products, tobacconist supplies and metaphysical crystals.

  • We are the largest incense supplier in Australia through stocking major incense brands such as Goloka, Satya, HEM, Green Tea, Auroshikha and many more. We also supply a wide variety of incense holders such as wood, aluminium, cast iron and brass.
  • Ideally stocked for New Age alternative stores, the New Age Range is perfect for customers stocking dream catchers, white sage smudge bowls and tarot decks. In addition, you can include a new variety for your customers to add to their collection.
  • The Metaphysical Range is incredibly vast and growing daily for any store that includes healing, meditation, and even alternative products. We see more interest in crystals as more customers believe in their benefits. In addition to the crystals, we supply a range of healing wands, candle holders and tumble stones.