Reed Diffusers

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You already stock all things health and wellbeing, and your customers will enjoy these reed diffusers in their homes. Each diffuser in our inventory has its own set of benefits to the user, and your customers will be spoiled for choice.

Why Stock Reed Diffusers?

The main benefit of reed diffusers is that you can use the reeds to spread the aroma and its benefits throughout a house or shop. Here is how your customers can use these sticks:

  • Use the reeds soaked in aroma to freshen up closets and provide a wonderful fragrance to clothing.
  • Adding a reed diffuser to a nightstand will release tension and provide more oxygen to the body.
  • The smell is not as strong as incense or pure essential oils and the diffuser will release subtle whiffs of the aroma instead of strong bursts.

What You Can Expect From Our Range

To further expand on the power of the sense of smell, we have a few other products that customers interested in aromatherapy can benefit from:

  • We have all kinds of essential oils and burners for your customers to treat themselves to, as well as carrier oils and fragrant oils.
  • You will also find crystals for the esoterics embedded in lamps and bracelets, among others.
  • Your New Age customers will enjoy the range of tarot boxes, statues, cauldrons, goblets and offering bowls.

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