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Your customers will find it hard to resist our engaging collection of Tibetan Tingsha cymbals, including auspicious and mantra sets, in plain or engraved brass, in a choice of sizes.

The Importance of Cymbals for Meditation and Wellness

As your enlightened patrons may already know, Tibetan Tingsha cymbals, or wisdom cymbal bells, are essential in alternative practices such as meditation, relaxation exercises, and wellness rituals.

Your stock of Tingsha bells offers your customers several wellbeing benefits, including:

  • Space clearing and cleaning: When moving into a new home or workspace, or after illness or trauma in the house, Tingsha usage raises the vibrations of your customer's space, clearing negative energies and refreshing and cleaning the air.
  • Restoring calm and peace of mind: The harmonic vibrations act on the mind, freeing the chi to calm and soothe racing thoughts and relieve anxiety.
  • Treating depression and grief: Sadness and despair can lower vibrations and block energy in the heart and other chakras. Tingsha sounds and vibrations lift the spirits, release blockages, increase and restore positive energy flow, and allow feelings of sadness to come and go for a healthy recovery.

Please also browse our selection of shelf, counter and hanging display options to showcase your collection efficiently and beautifully.

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