Room Spray

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To fully immerse oneself in an experience, all your senses have to be involved; you see a happy sight, you hear calming music, and you smell the aroma of a room spray. See what other products we have for you that your customers might enjoy as part of their spiritual experience.

Related Products We Offer to Room Spray

Part of doing a spiritual ritual or just taking time out to meditate is to be in comfortable clothing and feel relaxed in the environment.

  • We stock a variety of striped cotton hoodies in various colours, as well as woollen pants.
  • Make sure your customers have what they need to create the perfect, inspiring environment with a Chakra curtain or an Aztec rug.
  • Nothing shouts comfort more than a puff cushion with a mandala or a peacock meditation cushion.

Metaphysical Crystals

Any spiritual customer will love our range of Metaphysical Crystals to clear their chakras and balance their energy.

  • Our Tourmaline harmonizers and meditation chargers will be the talk of the spiritual realm when your customers experience them as part of their ritual.
  • Amethyst set of 5 pieces. Amethysts are said to reduce headaches and regulate hormones and can support physical wellbeing.
  • Rose or clear quartz four elements energizers are the perfect gifts for any spiritual person and will have your customers come back to buy more.

We believe that we can supply you with all you need to keep your customers happy and coming back to buy more from your store.