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Incense was created thousands of years ago, and it remains a popular product worldwide. The sweet, fragrant perfume is associated with many spiritual and meditative practices. Your customers can also use incense to add pleasant aromas to their space.

Australian consumers are discovering the appeal of burning incense as it is a natural and therapeutic way to fragrance their homes. We are the leading imported incense supplier in the country, and we offer you authentic, quality incense from popular oriental brands.

The Different Forms of Incense

  • Incense sticks. The most common type of incense is an incense stick. The sticks are made from a combination of natural ingredients such as sandalwood, pine, herbs, and essential oils. Incense sticks burn evenly and release a milder fragrance than coils and cones.
  • Incense cones. Cones of incense are formed by tightly packing the ingredients into a shape form. You can burn cone-shaped incense without a holder, but they are suitable for box-shaped incense burners and backflow burners. Cone incense tends to burn for longer than incense in stick form.
  • Incense coils. Incense coils burn for up to two hours, and they are effective for diffusing fragrance into large rooms. Consumers can burn the coils without an incense burner - simply place them on an old plate or any flat surface and light the end.

Wonder Imports is the largest importer of incense in Australia and a trusted incense supplier to resellers and distributors around the country. Add our quality imports to your inventory today.